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23.08.2000 Randomkings Live MP3

You can listen to approx.18 minutes of the 6 hours live music. Just follow this link and listen to the song T-RK-D-8.00!

20.8.2000 The Results are finally online!

After a huge delay (sorry, guys, --> reallife had me!) the the buenzli9 results and the release downloads are online!

13.8.2000 Bünzli 9 is over

Finally it's done! The party place wasn't as tight as we thought, as more than 50 of the registered people didn't show up :(. Bad for our budget, good for your feeling. But don't worry, we ended up with a minor loss that was covered by our reserves from last year. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Results and files will follow ASAP (give us 1-2 days for recrational activities). Meanwhile you can leech the stuff as usual at

9.8.2000 Online Registration Closed

The online registration is C*L*O*S*E*D! As already written below, unregistered people are *NOT* allowed to bring their computers to the party place! Remember, that your registration is only valid till friday 20:00 - if you're delayed, give us a call (+41 79 353 1758 during the party)! If you think you're too important to miss Bünzli, write an email to Chicken.

4.8.2000 Sitting Tight

As our location is filling up quickly the party will get quite crowded. Sitting closely, we've space for about 200 people (excluding organizers who will have their own 30x30 meter hall), but this won't give you a lot of comfort. Please leave any useless voluminous gadgets at home (like your 2000W stereo equipement or your 2 meter home cinema or your 1000 pieces beer can collection) - but we've nothing against small nerd gadgets ;)

  • Anybody registering from now on will need a personal confirmation from an organizer. Please register with a valid email adress!
  • Unregistered people are NOT allowed to bring their computers to the party place.
  • People without computers are not restricted (yet).
  • Remove registrations that are no longer valid. You can do this by entering 0 people.

    Contact Chicken for further information.

    23.7.2000 The Randomkings

    The Randomkings will serve your ears with electronic music. Somebody called it "Ambient-Techno-Psychedelic-Dub" but it may become something completly different - as if you (or we) know what it should be like anyways. Six people six hours nonstop. Saturday 12th august from 15:00 to 21:00 @ Bünzli. Who says the music is playing at streetparade?
    Check out their homepage for audio and visuals:

    18.7.2000 Bünzli Pre-Party-Compo #2

    You're such a lazy bunch! Not a single entry for our 2nd pre-compo. We hope you're a bit more productive before/at Bünzli !

    29.6.2000 Bünzli Pre-Party-Compo #2

    You have until july 16th 2000 to send us a picture of a Bünzli cow head logo, Bünzli #9 flyer or any Bünzli merchandise item (tshirt, cowee) shot on a public place (webcam, station, shopping mal, police station, exam session, etc.).
    Send your .jpg's or url's to!

    The prices are, as usual:
    1st  RedHat 6.1 prof. package (english) + 1 Cowee (Buenzli #9 cow)
    2nd  RedHat 6.1 prof. package (english)
    3rd  Cowee (Buenzli #9 cow)

    Use your imagination to create cool and weird situations - we count on your creativity!

    25.6.2000 Bünzli - Jingle Compo

    The first Bünzli pre-compo is already over. We gave the competitors the job to compose an invitation-jingle for our party. The best entry will be our invitation-jingle on Nectarine, the radio for the demoscene. Of course we had some prices too

    Here are the results:
    1st  Cows_rule_the_world  Roger Böhler & Andy Meier  630k
    2nd  Metamorphus  Patrick Hofmann  333k
    3rd  ps-bnzl9  ps  298k
    4th  IP-Trance  akosonic  193k

    To the winner of the compo: please write your real adress to , so we can send you the prices.

    Jury: The Buenzli #9 Staff (Chicken, Fred, Turbo, radio_24, Gargamel, J-freak)

    Questions or comments? Please write a mail to You can also download the jingles directly from (a bit slower).

    20.5.2000 The page just got faster(hopefully)

    We moved the site to the new obtree technologies webserver.
    (Pentium III 600Mhz, 256MB RAM, 256kb connection to the net...etc..